Parking at ANU

There are several types of parking available at ANU:

John XXIII and Burton and Garran

If you are staying at John XXIII or B&G, you can include a parking permit in your accommodation cost when you register. This parking permit is only for the parking lot at your accommodation, so it is most suitable for delegates staying at one of these venues who want to drive down from Sydney and then abandon their car for the week.

ANU Parking Permits

If you want to use your car to travel to and from the ANU every day, you can buy an ANU parking permit. These permits let you to park in many carparks around the ANU campus, and are available to people who are not staying on campus for the conference. These permits are fairly inexpensive would be a good option for locals who hate buses and want to drive to the conference each day. However, this is a good time to remind you that we are aiming to be as green a conference as possible, so check out the transport page before you choose to use your car every day.