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Clojure - Designed for Performance

Project: Clojure

The Clojure language is inspired by the functional programming model
of LISP and inherits the strengths of the JVM while avoiding the
pitfalls of Java.

Learn why Clojure is designed for performance by avoiding unconscious
mutation and providing Software Transactional Memory idioms for

Tom Marble

Mr. Marble is best known for being on the core team at Sun
Microsystems that open sourced Java.

Most recently he has launched Informatique, Inc.: a consultancy to
leverage his electrical engineering background along with his software
development experience for clients in such domains as telematics for
electric vehicles, smart grid interoperability, probabalistic model
checking, autonomous cyber defense, multiplayer online gaming and
highly concurrent software design.

Mr. Marble is an enthusiastic open source software contributor
and specializes in Clojure and the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
He is also passionate about the legal context which makes
Free Software and Free Culture possible. He has been a speaker at
JavaOne, DebConf, UbuntuLive, OSCON, FISL and FOSDEM.