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Linux Gaming at Last! Tuning Open Source Graphics Drivers for Valve Software

Project: Mesa

Valve Software has recently committed to bringing Steam to Linux. The Intel open source graphics driver team has been given access to their source code and was invited up to their office to work with them directly in tuning their apps for Mesa and tuning Mesa for their apps.

This talk will cover our work in making mainstream gaming on Linux possible, and the sometimes surprising reactions of a major software developer using open source graphics drivers.

Eric Anholt

Eric Anholt started working on open source to get video games to work on the graphics drivers in Linux and FreeBSD back in high school. He has been a developer for Intel's Open Source Technology Center since 2006. He was a key developer of the GEM kernel graphics memory management API, and a major contributor to the new GLSL compiler that is pushing Mesa forward to GL 3.1 and beyond.