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Ain't No Party Like A Unix Party

No hacker likes owning a windows box; who downs a "Domain Administrator whiskey" after popping an explorer.exe? No sir, its root whiskey after a shell, and we like it, like it, yes we do.

Join kiwi hacker Metlstorm in a collection of post-exploitation unix party tricks, the sort of thing that's going on in your hosting provider's appalling PHP webserver right now. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll immediately apply apparmour profiles to your apache! Whether its non-root rootkits, your desktop dbus dishing dirt on your discussions of dirty deeds, or your ssh shell sharing secrets surreptitiously, compromising Linux boxen is back in fashion. Its a POSIX party, and pam isn't the only one providing privilege!

Adam Boileau

Metlstorm (Adam to his Mum) is a kiwi hacker (the breaking into things sort), white-hat security consultant with NZ infosec thought leaders Insomnia Security, and believes that every year since 1999 was the year of Linux On The Desktop. Metl runs Kiwicon, New Zealand's hacker con, and is a pundit on multi-award winning weekly infosec news podcast Risky Business. Beyond this, Adam's primary qualification to speak at LCA is that he is the number one hit for a google image search for "unix beard", and has been since 2008.