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LTTng 2.0: Advanced Linux tracing for everyone

Project: LTTng

Have you ever wondered what is happening in the inner core of your operating system?
Did you spend countless hours trying to find an elusive timing problem?

Why the tracer?
The LTTng 2.0 project provides an easy to use tracing capability for Linux. Its tools can trace both the kernel and your userspace applications, allowing you to link operation in your application to the action of the operating system. It use the standard kernel trace instrumentation, so you don’t need to patch and recompile your kernel. This new generation provides a unified control tool which allows easy control of the data gathering (Creating a trace session, enabling events, adding context, start and stop recording, etc). The low overhead of the tracer allows you to run it on production system without affecting the performance of your applications.

LTTng is also supported by powerful visualization tools which can give you a quick summary of the state of your system or a detailed timeline of each significant operation with a nanosecond precision. This presentation will focus on the usability of LTTng, showing how the combined user-space and kernel tracers, the high-level summary views such as LTTngTop, the graphical analysis tools such as the Eclipse Linux Tools LTTng plugin or the Python scripting extensions, can be used to solve hard software problems.

LTTng can be easily installed with your favorite package manager in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse.

If you are a sysadmin wanting to get a better understanding of the load of your server or an application developer with a latency or performance problem, this presentation will give you a tool that can find and solve your problems.

Yannick Brosseau

Yannick is currently Research associate at École Polytechnique de Montréal. He works on performance analysis tools for Linux at Distributed open reliable systems analysis lab (DORSAL). He is maintainer of LTTV, one of the viewer of the LTTng project and is a Fedora packager. He is also an open source software consultant for several years and have work on the development of diverse solutions from embedded Linux environment to web applications, mostly in C++, C, Python and PHP. He is also currently involved in the development of an open mesh network in Montreal: reseaulibre.ca