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Droids that talk: Pairing Codec2 and Android

Project: Codec2 on Android

Over the years, geeks have used various pastimes to feed their curiosity. A common theme in these hobbies is communication. From Amateur radio operators, who build circuits to modulate their voice and pass it over the airwaves, to the modern mass market methods of packet switched communication services - IRC, email, VoIP.

While the technology that amateur radio operators employ to communicate have been around for awhile, there is a large amount of modernisation going on. Design and assembly of circuits with more advanced DSP and SDR techniques is accessible to the average LCA attendee. Digital voice codecs commonly used by amateur radio operators are common, and David Rowe's Codec2 represents cutting edge low bitrate voice codec technology - open sourced!

The speaker and his accomplices have combined Codec2, a homebrew radio, and an Android phone to create a low cost, built-at-home system to perform digital voice transmission over radio.

As the architecture of the system is described during this talk, watch a radio get put together from basic components. This talk will give you the chance to experience a demo of controlling devices with the Android Host Device APIs, give insight into designing and building a radio, and describe the challenges involved in bringing it all together.

Joel Stanley

Joel is a embedded hardware and software hacker, who has been seen at LCA over the past decade playing with OLPC XO laptops, rockets, high altitude balloons, Arduino and quad-core FPGA based gameboy emulators. He takes pleasure bringing together signal processing, low level hardware engineering, and higher level software. On this project he has hacked code, soldered hardware and held the antennas to make Codec2 usable by anyone.