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Think, Create & Critique Design

Project: Design

my slides http://ndftz.com/design.zip
my checklist http://ndftz.com/posfter.pdf
also online at http://ndftz.com/design
speakers notes in a google doc: http://tinyurl.com/gdocsversion

google docs version with speakers notes : http://tinyurl.com/gdocsversion

Aesthetic design is not unicorn magic; It's a pragmatic & predictable process. Getting to know the syntax is more achievable than we think.

Would you like to better understand why some things are ugly, off-putting or broken but don't always know what to do about it? This talk is for you!

We'll run a marathon starting with the design fundamentals and journey right through to the worlds of user experience and interface design.

Win a few arguments with designers, get insight into their realm and most importantly: think, create and critique — anything and everything until you understand it completely.

Andy Fitzsimon

Andy Fitzsimon describes himself as a designer, geek and friend.

When not writing in the third person, he works as a “senior user experience designer” at Red Hat in Brisbane.

From the early floppy disk linux distro days to the wild world of the post-blink-tag internet;
Andy first fell in love with open source software when a housemate dared him to spend equal energy learning the GIMP as he had spent on Adobe products. One million late nights begging for features on IRC later, Andy uses open source creative software daily and exclusively.

Having worked with a wide variety of free software backed organizations and living in cities around the world, Andy is here to drop the smug hipster veneer and come clean about all things design and why you should care.