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Measuring and Improving OpenGL Performance

Project: Mesa and Apitrace

As the Linux graphics system has matured in recent years, developers
have had the opportunity to shift their focus from feature
implementation (OpenGL 3.x conformance, GLSL support, etc.) to
optimization. At the same time, tools for measuring graphics
performance have historically been quite limited, (often little more
than the moral equivalents of time and top).

In this presentation I will discuss recent developments in tools (such
as apitrace) for measuring GPU performance. I will also showcase some
of the most most significant, recent performance improvements for
Linux graphics, focusing primarily on Intel GPUs.

Carl Worth

Carl has been fascinated with creating software since getting the
chance to play with an Apple ][e computer at the age of 10. He has
been an active contributor to the Free Software community since 2000
in a variety of projects, most notably as the creator of both the
cairo graphics library and the notmuch mail system.

Currently, Carl is working for the Linux graphics team within Intel's
Open-source Technology Center. His focus is on tools development, much
of which is currently centered on the suite of tools within apitrace.

Carl's personal interests center primarily around his wife and four
sons. Frequent recreational activities include rock climbing, playing
the piano, and board games, (DVONN, Ricochet Robot, and Icehouse games
are favorites).