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Future directions for the X Window System

Project: X.org

X version 11 has been with us for 25 years. Over those 25 years, it
has managed to remain relevant by incorporating new technologies while
retaining compatibility for existing applications. Version 1.13 of the
X server incorporates new extensions required to bring support for
modern input and output devices to applications, and Linux desktop
applications have already started to support them.

1.13 stuff:

*) Multi-touch touch-pad support
*) Multi-touch touch-screen support
*) Hot-plug display devices
*) GPU off-load?

Future stuff:

*) Atomic mode setting
*) Integrated compositing manager
*) Per-CRTC pixmaps
*) SetWindowPixmap extension

This presentation will describe these ongoing and anticipated changes
coming to X that will preserve our legacy application base while also
continuing to stretch the bounds of the Linux desktop.

Keith Packard

Keith Packard has been developing open source software since 1986, focusing
on the X Window System since 1987, designing and implementing large parts of
the current implementation. He is currently a Principal Engineer with Intel's
Open Source Technology Center. Keith received a Usenix Lifetime Achievement
award in 1999 and sits on the X.org foundation board.