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Concurrent Programming with the Disruptor

Project: LMAX Disruptor

The disruptor is an open source library with a unique take on concurrent programming. Bucking the trend of moving higher up the stack, the disruptor focuses on mechanical sympathy - working in a way that best fits the way CPUs actually work. Contrary to popular belief, this leads to a simpler, more efficient architecture that actually makes development easier. This talk will introduce the disruptor, explain why its so fast and explain how to use it most effectively.

Adrian Sutton

Adrian Sutton is a developer at LMAX, the London Multi Asset eXchange, writing low-latency, high performance code. Previously working in the more user focussed world of web content management, he has discovered that the principles of simple, well designed code works everywhere. Beyond code, Adrian is passionate about agile, continuous delivery, code craftsmanship and especially continuous improvement in all things.