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UEFI, the Converged Firmware Infrastructure

UEFI Secure Boot feature has attracted a lot of attentions from the Linux community. This presentation details the motivations behind the creation of the UEFI technology, the history and future of its industry adoption on systems based on a variety of processor architectures. It contrasts the differences between the TCG Trusted Boot and UEFI Secure Boot, and what role, if any, TPM plays in either or both. It discusses the motivations and history of the UEFI Secure Boot feature.

The main targeted audience of this presentation is the Linux OS loader and kernel developers dealing with the machine dependent interactions with the platforms.

Dong Wei

Dong Wei is a HP Fellow. He is an IEEE Senior Member with extensive experience in leading industry innovations and standardization. He pushed the industry to invent the UEFI technology and extend the ACPI technology into the mission-critical enterprise server space. He is HP’s chief architect for the UEFI and ACPI technologies. Dong serves as Vice President (Chief Executive) at the UEFI Forum, Inc., Secretary of the ACPI SIG, and Chair of the PCI SIG Firmware Working Group, owning the responsibility for the main platform interfaces between hardware, BIOS/firmware, and the operating systems for x64, x86, ARM, and ia64-based systems. Dong has an EMBA degree in addition to MS degrees in electrical engineering and physics.