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Open Source Digital Radio

Project: Codec 2

Two way radio systems such as those used in Police, Fire, Military, Ham Radio and Humanitarian applications are going Digital. Analog systems such as Single Sideband (SSB) and Frequency Modulation (FM) are being replaced by speech coding, radio modems, and forward error correction.

But there is a problem - current two way digital radio systems are based on proprietary, closed source technology. Closed source policies are poised to lock us out of experimentation and innovation for the next generation of two way digital radio.

A group of Ham radio innovators are fighting against this trend, designing open source two way radio systems that out perform closed source alternatives.

This presentation will explain digital radio systems in terms that are easy to understand for the average LCA attendee. The open source systems we have developed will be explained and demonstrated, including tips on how to get started with your own digital radio experiments.

David Rowe

David started crawling towards power points at 9 months of age. He hasn't really improved. He dabbled with real jobs developing satellite modems, telephony hardware and speech codecs for 25 years but the pain of corporate life cow-prodded him into full time open source development in 2006. Since then he has worked on open hardware and software IP-PBXes (the IP04), developing world communications (Mesh Potato), echo cancellation (Oslec), and speech compression (Codec 2 and FreeDV). His drives a home made electric car.