Open Day Without Walls

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We had a great idea a while back. We were sitting around talking about our open day, and trying to work out our favourite bits about being a geek in Canberra. You see, we wanted to make sure that our open day was uniquely Canberra. We wanted you to walk away from the event thinking “so THAT’S what Canberra geeks are all about!”. OK, so that might sound a little creepy if you think about it too hard, but honestly we just wanted to showcase to you what we think are the best bits about our town. But then we realised that some our favourite bits involve things like the lake, and Make Hack Void our local hacker space. And it’s really hard to fit a lake into a room with tables and chairs. Have you seen Lake Burley-Griffin recently? Even if we could find a really big room, we wouldn’t be able to fit it in. And we’re not sure that the MHV people would let us have their 3D printer, either.

So we came up with a new solution. Instead of having you all sit in one place and be bored while we bring the best bits of Canberra to you, we will take you to the best bits of Canberra. We’ve lined up a few very special activities, which we will announce very soon, but we wanted to open the floor. If you’re a Canberra geek (or an ex-Canberra geek, or a semi-Canberra geek, or even a soon-to-be-Canberra geek), then hop along to our wiki page and let us know what unique aspect of Canberra geekery you can demonstrate to the collective wonderment of LCA2013 delegates. Think of it as an Open Day sans frontières:

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