Canberra Has Weather!

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It’s fairly traditional to have some kind of natural disaster in the weeks immediately preceding any We here at LCA2013 HQ didn’t want to let you down on this front, so we organised some record high temperatures and a whole bunch of bushfires. You can’t say that we don’t go above and beyond for you lot, seriously.

As we write this, it’s about 30°C (86°F), and we’re looking at staying in the 30′s for the next week or so. Note that this is unusually hot for us, but the wonderful people at the Bureau of Meteorology assure us that the heat wave will break sooner or later, and we’ll return to more normal temperatures before too long.

As for fires, things like this are notoriously difficult to predict, but so far there have been no bushfires threatening the capital. We will definitely let you know if that situation changes. Keep an eye on our social media feeds to make sure you don’t miss any announcements.

Starting from next week, we will start to share more information about the weather forecast for Canberra for the week of the conference. This is a probably a good time to remind you to make sure you bring a hat (if you haven’t ordered a conference hat, that is!), sunscreen, and a drink bottle with you. You will also want plenty of light clothing, with long sleeves to stop you getting burned. It might also be a good idea to bring extra clothing with you: in this weather it doesn’t take long to get hot and sweaty, so you might find yourself wanting to change more frequently.

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