LCA2013 just sold out!

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One of the hard bits about running a conference like is working out how many people will come. You need to make a guess about numbers for budgeting, but it's also important for the organiser’s mental and emotional health; no one wants to run a conference that no one comes to. The big problem with specifically is that the data is dirty. It runs in a different city each year, at a slightly different time of year, with different economic conditions, which can all impact how many people might want to come.

The way we handled this for 2013 was we decided that we wanted to be a conference of 650 people, and everything was set up on that basis. We chose this number based on a whole bunch of different things, including what had happened at previous years, and a few good guesses about what would happen in Canberra. We wanted to pick a number that wasn't so low that we couldn't spend any money on anything, but were also very aware of the angst that selling out for 2005 caused. So, we had a fallback plan.

This morning we sold out, which means we sold the 650 tickets we planned for. We’ve been aware that this was approaching for a few days now though, so we’ve gone back through the various inputs for the conference (swag, catering, venue size, and so on) and worked out that we can get another 50 people into the conference without too many problems.

So, we’ve added another fifty tickets. We’re pretty sure that these are the last tickets we can add, though. Not just because of the size of the venues, but also because we need to give final numbers to our various suppliers really soon now. We also need to make sure that we have enough swag and food and stuff for everybody. No one wants to be the person at lunch that misses out on a sandwich because we ran out.

If you want to come to 2013 but haven’t registered or paid yet, you really have to do that now. If we keep up the sales rate from the last couple of weeks, these extra fifty tickets will only last a few days.

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