Regional Delegates' Programme Announced!

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Good news from Linux Australia for regional delegates!
Linux Australia is restarting the Regional Delegates Program from previous years. These grants aim to reduce the financial barriers to attending 2013, by subsidising the registration and travel costs of contributors to the FOSS community who are students, on a low income, and others who would otherwise have difficulty affording the cost of attending the conference. How do I apply? Our priority will be to maximise the number of attendees we can assist. Consideration will be given to grant requests from outside Australia and New Zealand; however, due to the larger costs, we would have to balance each such application against the number of local delegates we could otherwise support. Delegates who need to be accompanied by a guardian or caregiver (e.g, minors or persons with special needs) should include these details in their grant request. Minors should include contact details for their parent or guardian and have them sign the application. Your application should:
  • Provide background information about your contribution to or involvement with the open source community
  • Explain what you hope to learn from the conference.
  • Show financial circumstances which would otherwise prevent you from attending the conference.
  • Provide details of what assistance you would require in order to attend. This doesn't need to be a detailed list - "Flights to/from $HOMETOWN + accommodation" would be sufficient.
  • Be in OpenDocument format, plain text, HTML or PDF.
Applicants will be selected on the following criteria:
  • Participation in FOSS projects – art, hardware, software, documentation
  • Reason for attending
  • Area of study
  • Voluntary or paid work in IT
  • Future plans/projects in mind
  • Membership of FOSS related groups eg. a LUG, Linux Australia, LinuxChix, a Hackerspace, Wikipedia, OWOOT etc.
Email your application to Cheers, RDP team