Chumby Co-Inventor to Keynote Linux Conference

[D] [Digg] [SU] [R] [SU] [SU], Australia’s premier open source conference, have announced the first of four keynote speakers for 2013. Andrew "bunnie" Huang is best known as the lead hardware developer of "Chumby", a device designed from the ground up as an open source gadget, complete with open source hardware, and whose designers encourage hackers to get into the device and make it their own. He is also the author of "Hacking the Xbox", a book about reverse engineering consumer products and the social and practical issues around doing so.

bunnie is currently a Research Affiliate of the MIT Media Lab, technical advisor for several hardware startups and MAKE magazine, and shares his experiences manufacturing hardware in China through his blog. He takes what he calls a "push-and-pull" approach to open hardware. He contributes original open designs, as well as liberating closed designs. He recently released an open implementation of a man-in-the-middle attack on high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP), a method of copy protection used by many media outlets, which enables overlays on encrypted video without circumventing copyright controls.

The keynote, titled "Linux in the Flesh: Adventures Embedding Linux in Hardware", embraces the idea that Linux is not just for desktops and servers, but exists, in one form or another, in millions of smartphones, routers, set top boxes, and other hardware appliances that we encounter in everyday life. bunnie will share some his experiences with embedding Linux in various hardware clients, the interplay between hardware and software architecture, system planning for embedded applications, and the challenges of hardware manufacturing and building a business selling physical goods.

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About showcases the best of open source and community-driven software and hardware, and it’s coming to the Australian National University from 28 January to 2 February, 2013. The conference provides a great opportunity for open source developers, users, hackers, and makers to share their ideas and further improve their projects.