Papers, Papers, Papers!

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we closed the for Call for Presentations, and the papers committee has been working really hard to review all of your submissions. We had well over 300 proposals to read, and even with a team of twenty people to review them all, there were some days where it just didn’t feel as though we would be able to make it. In the end, we did it, though. It took us four weeks, and we made over 3000 reviews all up. That’s a lot of reviews!

It turns out that that wasn’t even the hard part though. The hard part was where members of the papers committee came from all around Australia and New Zealand to do the final cut, and create a program. It was a long weekend, and everyone needed a beer or three once we were done, just to get over the shock of it all. But the good news is that we’ve come up with something that we think is really awesome. Like, REALLY awesome. LCA in Canberra next year is going to be AMAZING.
Members of the papers committee during the final review session

So now we’re busy contacting everyone who has been accepted to make sure that they can actually come and give their talk. This is happening in stages and it might take us a little while. So if you haven’t heard from us yet, DON’T PANIC. We’ll get through the list soon, and everyone will know if they’ve been accepted or not before too long. This is partly because we want to make sure our system doesn’t break down from overload, and partly so that our speaker liaisons don’t break down from overload and set the system on fire. Or something.

But, once all that has happened, and assuming nothing gets set on fire, we open early bird regos on 1 October and the real fun starts. So make sure you know where your party shoes are, you’re gonna need them real soon now ...

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