So Close!

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Evil Steve fell asleep at his keyboard on Friday night, and a few extra proposals slipped in under the wire. In the end, we were just ONE PROPOSAL SHORT of hitting our goal which made us all pretty excited. So excited that we made a graph!

That green line is the number of proposals we got for LCA 2013. See the sharp rise at the end? That’s the bit where you all busted everything you have sending us what you’ve got. You are all amazing. Yes, even you!

Mikal has been sneaking peeks at the submissions you sent us, and got so excited that we had to send him off to the doctor to get his heart checked. He’ll be okay, they reckon, but we need to keep him quiet for a while. So we set him the most boring task we could think of: testing and tagging all the powerboards we’ll need in January:

We figure that’ll keep him busy for a while.

Right now, Mary and Michael are doing some warmups before diving into the proposal review. We had the idea that you might like to know exactly how that works, so this is what the next few months are going to look like here at LCA2013 HQ:

  • First off, the review team will spend four weeks frantically reading your proposals and trying to work out how to rank them. This is a pretty difficult process so it takes quite a while.
  • The review process ends with a face to face meeting where we work out which proposals to accept, what streams we should create, and how we should spend the travel budget for those that requested funding. It’s pretty complicated and takes a whole heap of brain power to work out how to build the best possible content AND stay within budget. We’ll probably have pizza for lunch to cheer ourselves up.
  • Around the end of August the review team hands their recommendations over to the conference organisers. We then attempt to schedule the streams in rooms, and work out how to arrange things to tell the story we want for the conference. We’re not having themed days or anything like that, but we do want to get you all thinking about things you might not have considered before.
  • After all that, we start sending out acceptance emails in early September, and wait for speakers to accept their slot and let us know that they’ll definitely be able to make it. The big deadline for us here is making sure we have a draft schedule online for when we open early bird regos at the start of October.

“BUT WAIT!” we hear you say, “What about the golden ticket?!”. Never fear, there will be a golden ticket announcement in September, once we’ve worked out which proposals have been accepted. We’ll also post a photo of Mikal in a silly hat. AND THAT’S A PROMISE!

So, thank you all for the massive effort in getting your proposals in. Having so many proposals means we are going to be able to pick out the absolute best ones for you in January. This is going to be one helluva party!

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