Record Beating, and Golden Tickets

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Last night we were sitting around LCA2013 HQ with our socks off, using all our fingers and toes to count the proposal submissions we’d received, and we realised something: we’re REALLY CLOSE to getting the most proposals received for an LCA ever. And we said to ourselves: Hey! Selves! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can beat the record that those conference organisers over the ditch set in 2010!

And then, because fantastic ideas tend to come in waves, we thought we would make the whole thing EVEN MORE exciting by offering someone a golden ticket. And while we realise that it would be cheaper for us to give away a ticket to someone who has had a talk accepted, we also realise that that’s not much of a great deal for you.

So, here’s how it works: You submit as many talks as you possibly can, to help us beat the record number of submissions. We put the names of the submitters into a large silly hat here at LCA2013 HQ, and make Mikal draw names out one by one, until he pulls out the name of someone who HASN’T had a proposal accepted. We send that lucky person a free professional ticket to the conference. Then we make Mikal wear the silly hat in public.

Yeah, we were pretty proud of that plan too.

So, get your submissions in TODAY because Evil Steve will be sitting up late tonight so that he can close the CFP at midnight sharp (that’s 1400 on Friday 20 July UTC, if the timezone thing is doing your head in). Head over to for all the details, get your submission in so that you have a chance for the ticket, and give us a chance to thumb our nose at the kiwis!

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